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Financial assistance is greatly appreciated, and because we are a registered 501-c3, your donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

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Help comes in many forms.  Although a financial donation or a purchase from our storeis the easiest way to help; as a non-profit based on the Island, we rely on our helpful networks to get the job done and assist in getting the things we need.

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We specialize in the professional removal and relocation of Africanized (Killer Bees) and Honey Bees!

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We are dedicated to solving Colony Collapse Disorder and creating Sustainable bee habitats

Our mission is to protect bees from extinction and return them to thriving by researching and promoting commercial friendly beekeeping techniques that are non-harmful to bees and their environments.

Ultimately, we intend to come up with educational guidelines and laws that help implement non-chemical alternatives to commercial beekeeping.

We are currently doing research on alternative methods to chemicals being used in the hives for commercial bee keeping.

GentleHive is a wealth of knowledge and we are building a strong community to assist with getting the right answers and qualified help when needed.

​We are also offering special classes throughout 2016.  Contact us for more info.

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