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Shamanic Bee Charming Experience


Have you ever dreamed about what it would be like to learn about and interact with bees without the FEAR of being stung?  Imagine yourself in the beautiful jungles of Hawai'i making an offering to the bees. We invite you to make your dreams come true and embark on a deep journey where you can experience becoming one with one of Mother Nature's greatest gifts - BEES

This magical, up close and personal time spent with the bees and Bee Charmer of Hawai'i will provide you with the basic knowledge to care for bees on your own without feeling like you are in a classroom. We have a bed & breakfast waiting for you just a stone's throw away from the ocean.  RELAX, hear the waves crash, and the coqui frogs sing to you at night after spending your days buzzing with excitement and learning with the bees of Gentle Hive Bee Foundation.